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Use Diverlyze to measure and sustainably improve diversity, equality and inclusion based on data. This enables you to make better business decisions and take your organisation's culture, innovation, adaptability and reputation to the next level.

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Tool Diverlyze
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is far more than a nice-to-have:
"Diversity management determines whether your company will still be successful in the next 10 years."

Our solution: Diverlyze.


is diversity, equality & inclusion important in the workplace?
Integrating DEI is not only an ethical obligation, but essential for organisations seeking long-term success. They are better positioned to attract talent, understand the needs of diverse customers and successfully adapt to the changing global labour landscape.


do we want to improve the status quo?
With our 360° tool, we help to make diversity management a sustainable success - from strategy and implementation through to monitoring success. We rely on data to identify and improve individual strengths and weaknesses.


do we offer?

Diverlyze is an all-in-one solution: the tool collects, processes and visualises key figures on diversity, equality and inclusion in a dashboard. In addition, we automatically suggest individual actions and track their success. We also provide support in the conceptual development and implementation of these actions.

Beloved by these organisations.

Finally a solution to tackle DEI holistically - away from gut feelings and towards clear facts and efficient, customised actions.
Emil Beck
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Remazing GmbH
The tool provides a true picture of the current situation and identifies blind spots. I am impressed by the simplicity of the software and the resulting improvement in corporate culture.
Sabine Kröger
Human Resources Director
PSD Bank Kiel eG
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What makes Diverlyze stand out?

DEI Data & Analytics
Collecting, calculating & visualising the status quo of DEI in practice based on 7 dimensions.
No involvement of the staff
Underrepresented groups are also reflected in the data and are thus heard.
Market benchmarking
Comparison of the DEI status quo with the market average (future industry average).
Sustainable action tracking
Automated measurement of the success of actions over time. Targeted use of resources.

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4 reasons to be passionate about diversity, equity & inclusion.

Companies with integrated diversity management have the following characteristics.
44 % Reducing the shortage of skilled workers
56 % higher sales growth
66 % higher customer satisfaction
72 % higher employee satisfaction